It feels discouraging when you make the effort to call a company and no one answers the phone.  It leaves you wondering if they will ever call you back or if  you should do business with them at all.  I’ve experienced this before and I am assuming that you have experienced this as well.  Now you and I have something in common with thousands of other people around the world because according to statistical data, missed calls contributes to poor customer service and customers who don’t like poor customer service generally go someplace else for business.  Making a lasting impression could just be answering the phone.  Do you know that thousands of businesses lose a tremendous amount of sales each year due to unanswered calls?  Just because the call did not get answered doesn’t mean that the customer no longer has a need.  The need has to be met someplace else if the customer can’t get a hold of you.  We would like to help you meet all the needs of your customers by answering your calls today.  Contact us today!  Affordable minute plans are available.

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