A small business owner or medical provider always wears many hats. You’re always on the go, which means you are always dealing with multiple issues at ago. It is always wise to outsource your payroll services.



Outsourcing Your Payroll Services  

As a small business, you’d want to outsource services such as payroll to compete with larger companies. Payroll is one of those services that small businesses outsource, with added benefits associated with outsourcing. For example, instead of spending your time calculating or determining tax obligations, doing reports, calculating payroll, and preparing checks among other services, you can allow specialists to deal with it, as you focus on core business news.


At Human Resources for me, we handle all your payroll tasks effectively ranging from collecting and analyzing data and paying your payroll taxes directly from your account, paying your employees directly (regardless of the number of your employees) from your account and we will keep you and your staff informed through their very own (optional) employee portal. This will allow them to get copies of pay stubs, w-2’s and see their next payday. No more questions to you, when they can see for themselves. They will be able to see available vacation hours and how much they’ve used so far. Isn’t this great?  You’ll have more time to focus on the growth productivity of your business.

We offer paycheck advancement– this will allow employees to receive an advancement of their funds two days into their pay period or two to eight business days prior to their regular pay period. There is no cost to you for this optional service but works great for employees who may need access to their money before payday.

Working with Human Resources For Me will help you gain some competitive advantages by creating some discipline in the management of your finances.

The following are the advantages of working with Human Resources For Me:

  • Accountability- Tax regulations are constantly changing, hence it’s almost inevitable that errors will occur when you do your tax calculations. As a payroll provider, we offer services to file taxes at all levels of the government for your business. You’re likely to get lost in calculating your taxes, that’s why we relieve you of the time taken and eliminate the probabilities of making wrong tax calculations.
  • Avoid penalties- a good number of small companies pay penalties each year for late or incorrect tax filings and payments. We, therefore, help you to avoid such situations by giving you a tax guarantee. This is something we do to cover you financially if any penalties are incurred when we file your taxes.
  • Increased productivity- We can’t emphasize this enough. When you outsource your payroll services, you save a lot of time. Managing your payroll system takes up a lot of your time and prevents you and your own employees from pursuing more important things that would add value and increase revenue to your organization. We take on your payroll issues so you won’t have your employees visiting banks to sort out issues.
  • Financial Reporting- Doing reports on your financial transactions has never been easy for small businesses. It’s a time-consuming affair, hence outsourcing it with trusted partners like Human Resources For Me can be the best approach to deal with it. We offer a variety of financial report services, including payroll registers.  This will help you to keep detailed records of your business’s payroll history.

As you plan to outsource your services, particularly financial ones, you need to not only have confidence in the provider’s abilities but trust them as well. As your financial service provider, we’ve developed simple solutions that would ensure your payroll is sorted transparently and exhaustively.

Reach out to us today so that we can get you on the road to sufficient payroll services that will help you to save time and money and allow you to function on other business aspects.

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