Human Resources for Me Payroll Management Services

Human Resources for Me mainly caters to small and middle sized businesses. We provide the managers or employers from these partner organizations with various employee payment management services. Here is how we do this. First, we make determinations on amounts owed to employees using time recording and work attendance records. We then calculate, file, reconcile and pay out the payroll taxes on your behalf. (We’ll also handle inquiries from taxing agencies regarding the returns we file for you) From there, your employees’ wages and salaries are deposited into their accounts utilizing a method of your choosing – either using a secure checking account, a VISA prepaid debit card, or via direct deposit (fastest payment method). By using our services, you enjoy the knowledge that your employees will be paid fairly and securely.

Furthermore, you will save on time because, in addition to payroll management services, we offer our customers free net and access to our RUN mobile app, which allows you firm’s employees to directly access their personal payroll information.

Human Resources for Me delivers optional payroll management services such as life and health insurance for employees, as well as their retirement plans, including garnishes and 401k’s.

Call us to start enjoying the benefits of timely and efficient payroll management services today! Note that we offer consultations to clients in or around the Manhattan area.