Medical Billing

Medical billing is a complicated procedure. It does, after all, require the reconciliation of expectations between medical practitioners, insurance companies, and patients. At Human Resources for Me, we help physicians through the process, ensuring that they get excellent compensation for their work and leaving them free to pursue their profession.

Our Medical Billing Services

In a medical billing cycle, medical practitioners provide patients with services and in turn receive payment from the insurance companies. Practitioners examine patients, diagnose them, record their diagnosis and procedure code and then give that information to us. We accurately complete the claims and send them to the insurance company for you. Insurance companies then evaluate the claims and determine what amount to reimburse you as a medical provider. The cycle is completed when insurers pay you for your services. At Human Resources For Me, we offer doctors and other health workers the following services during this cycle:

  • Following up on claims and receivables from insurance companies as per agreed-on fee schedules
  • Reconciling rejected claims with insurance companies in case of errors
  • Informing them about the varied insurance plans provided by insurers with whom they work
  • Educating them on the laws surrounding medical billing
  • Making appointment confirmations to patients on their behalf

By utilizing our medical billing services, medical practitioners enjoy several benefits.

Benefits of Using Our Medical Billing Services

Numerous steps could go wrong in the medical billing process. A physician, specialist or consultant may for one be forced to settle for partial payment of a claim because of a reconciliation error or lack of knowledge of an insurer’s plans and what they cover. Our services include educating clients on the laws and procedures surrounding medical billing for the avoidance of such scenarios.

Similarly, our medical billing services can save practitioners time and money. As a physician, you would be able to handle a larger patient population instead of dedicating resources to following up on claims and receivables from insurance companies. Our low commission rates would also allow you to save on expenses.

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