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Human Resources For Me will go through the process of authenticating the information supplied to your company by a job applicant in his or her resume, application, interviews, and references. In most application processes, lying about background and credentials will keep an employer from hiring the applicant.  Therefore with the information provided, we will ensure that the candidate has the knowledge, education, and experience claimed. This will make you reasonably assured that the prospective employee could do the job they are hired to do. Contact us today to discuss our job verification process



Get your Criminal background check in minutes, not days


Could it be possible that your applicant is hiding something?  Some applicants refuse to divulge criminal information. This information is very important.  If you desire to know if your job applicant has a criminal record or an arrest warrant, our background checks may be able to help you.   Our background checks will give you access to the following :

Instant State and County Check

Federal Watch Lists

National Sex Offender Registry

National Most Wanted

TransUnion Identity Verification

Transunion Instant Match

FCRA and State Filters

Fraud Alerts Check

Name & SSN Match Report

Deceased Persons SSN Check

Reported Prior Employment

Current & Previous Addresses

Detailed Credit Report

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