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We understand the frustration that comes with EFT processes, updating addresses,  credentialing, reviewing and negotiating insurance contracts and therefore we help provide you with the best credentialing services that will help you through the process.

We can help you connect your facility, your group practice, and your providers with insurance companies as quickly as possible. The entire accreditation process can take between 90 and 120 days. The process can be long and very complicated.

Remember you’re in the healthcare business. You need to care for your patients from the time they step into your clinic to the time they walk out.

We understand how frustrating the process can be, and therefore we offer dedicated services to alleviate you from this unwanted burden. We understand you have a certain duty of care to focus on your patients, therefore we alleviate the burden and allow you to focus on your patients while we focus on connecting you with the appropriate insurance companies.

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