Insurance Verifications

One of the biggest concerns for medical practices is verifying health insurance benefits and coverage.

Why is insurance verification even necessary?

Proper eligibility and benefits verification is a critical step that informs physicians about who will be paying and how much before patient services are rendered. Healthcare services provided without proper patient eligibility verification and authorization can result in claim denials and decreased revenue.

Human Resources For Me offers insurance verification and authorization services to verify patient benefits and coverage before physicians provide services. Our services are designed to help physicians overcome these issues and get paid. The comprehensive suite of insurance verification and authorization services helps enhance practice revenue and ensure that services provided do not go unpaid.  Providers in every specialty would especially benefit from these services.

Outsourcing insurance verification and authorization services will allow you to attend to your patients with more focus, and save money on the overhead of staffing employees.

Why Work with Us?

֎  We have a dedicated team of insurance verification specialists with many       years of experience working with government and commercial payers.

֎  Our team has extensive knowledge of different types of coverages and    policies.

֎  We can verify coverage for all major insurers in the country.

֎  You will save money with our no-hidden costs approach

֎  We utilize payer websites and call insurance companies directly

Take Note that the success or failure of each patient claim starts with the correct information. Thus, our team will verify coverage before the patient steps into your office to receive health services.

Use our health insurance coverage and benefits before the point of service to avoid claim denials and delayed payments.

Give us a call today so that we can start the verification process to help you maintain revenue in your practice.

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