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Would you like to simplify your clinical practice and maximize your revenue?

Use our billing services to achieve optimal results and heighten your revenue.  Our billing system is aligned with your vision because we believe in growing your revenue.


We have developed a simple, flexible system that will make billing for you as easy as ABC’s. Human Resources For Me provides a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution to improve the financial health of your practice and allow you to focus on clinical care.

With a reasonable percentage price per claim, our end-to-end medical billing system features:

֎        Developing and optimizing super-bills

֎        Managing patient input, coding, checking superbills for errors before claim submissions, electronic claim submission, payment posting, denial management, collections, and more.

֎         Weekly claim status reports -after 30 days of service

֎         Collections (optional services)- Enables customers to set up payment plans and securely add their credit cards under their profile. Your customers will not need to re-enter the credit/debit card details for future collection payments. It also makes it easier for you to collect past due payments.


Each year medical billing errors can be costly –

As a medical practitioner, you may have experienced medical billing errors and how costly it can become. The high cost of overhead and the competitive nature of the market do not require losing money at all. You can’t afford to lose an extra penny, particularly from a billing mistake that can be easily dealt with.

The sad reality is that you may not even realize how much your current medical billing system could be costing you. Studies have shown that medical billing errors cost medical service providers billions of dollars annually.

A closer look at the medical billing errors effects

The bottom line is that medical billing errors are expensive because the cost of overhead to run your practice is already eating into your profits in a big way, and allowing another profit-eating error such as medical billing errors to reduce revenue in your practice is disastrous for your practice.

Maintaining an in-house team to make sure the billing errors are minimized to a manageable cost is not a walk in the park, but you can outsource to HRFM to save the costs involved in having the overhead of employees and avoid some easily-avoided medical billing errors.

The simplified Human Resource For Me medical billing system is both easy and friendly to utilize.

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